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Use Case: Securing the Automotive
Manufacturing Process


The automotive manufacturing industry heavily depends on automation to ensure high efficiency and minimal down time. It also strives to meet the highest engineering and safety standards. While that balance creates a challenge, when you add in cybersecurity threats that can shut down productivity and potentially endanger lives, it’s downright daunting.

Did you know that:

  • Auto manufacturing requires constant uptime. One minute of downtime equates to $22,000 in losses.
  • An average of 50 microprocessors in a typical vehicle and up by 200% from only five years ago.
  • Connected cars are always connected and thus are always vulnerable to attacks both during the manufacturing process and while in use by the end customer.
  • Many vehicle components such as airbags are digitally manufactured by an outside third party and require the same level of security in that
  • process as in the manufacture of the actual automobile.