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Indegy-ForeScout Joint Solution for OT Network Visibility, Security, and Control


Industrial Control Systems are difficult to monitor and protect, and often don't even have event logs to help monitor changes. IT security solutions are often inadequate for OT environments, and with more connections than ever between corporate environments and industrial systems, the threat of a security incident is real.

To help industrial organizations mitigate the threat, Indegy has partnered with ForeScout to offer a comprehensive solution to IT and OT management. Complete visibility into the industrial network allows for faster incident detection, control and response. 

Download the solution brief to learn more about Indegy and ForeScout's solution, including :

  • How the solution allows industrial organizations to manage IT and OT environments
  • Four use cases for protecting OT environments
  • Achieving visibility, security and control across layers 0-5 of the Purdue model