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Download to learn how Indegy helped a pharma manufacturer respond to future incidents by:

  • Tracking and confirming the proper execution of ICS maintenance work 
  • Addressing FDA validation requirements to guarantee zero changes in DCS systems
  • Protecting the company's intellectual property against cyber espionage and theft

Pharma Manufacturing Case Study Validating and Protecting Drug Manufacturing Processes 

Pharma Manufacturing Case Study
Download the pharmaceutical manufacturing case study, "Validating and Protecting Drug Manufacturing Processes," to learn how Indegy helped a Global Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Manufacturer 
track all engineering activities, whether performed by staff or external contractors, over the networks or directly on the physical devices, and hold the responsible party accountable for any system failure.The inability to track and confirm maintenance work on ICS controllers can result in challenges when it comes to identifying the source of problems -  and also result in unplanned shop floor downtime.