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  • The key security challenges facing Smart Grids
  • The anatomy of a cyber attack on a power grid
  • Recent cyber attacks on power grids
  • How power grids can achieve visibility, security and control

Use Case: Power Generation & Electric Grid

UC-Energy-Use-Case_thumbnail image2The evolution of power grids to Smart Grid has brought on many challenges.  To face these, grids are becoming increasingly more intelligent, interconnected and digitized. As a result, network visibility, security and control must be achieved from the grid level all the way to the bay level and individual intelligent electronic device (IED). Improving smart grid inter- connectivity, leveraging modern TCP/IP based standards such as IEC-61850 and IEC-60870-5-104, and employing new techniques of data acquisition are becoming the de facto industry standard.

The Use Case enclosed will provide an understanding how Indegy helps smart grid operate productively and safely.