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  • Address operational blind-spots and security gaps
  • Gain visibility into the OT segment of ICS network activity
  • Select the exact signatures required to match company-specific needs

Indegy Industrial Threat Detection with Suricata Enhancement 

SB - Indegy Industrial Threat Detection Suricata thumbnail largeIndegy's enhanced Threat Detection engine is a cutting edge technology for high-fidelity detection of advanced threats in ICS environments. Using Indegy, you can detect attacks as early as possible and monitor for malware activity, including stealth communication to and from the remote command and control sites. 

Suricata provides an open source platform on which the entire community can communicate and share rules, or signatures, which fingerprint known threats and malicious behavior. With Suricata, Indegy inspects each and every packet in your network, and searches through its unique signature database for attacks or compromised assets.