Gaining Unparalleled Visibility
and Boosting ICS Security

Webcast featuring ARC Advisory Group VP Dr. Sid Snitkin

The lack of visibility in industrial control networks (ICS) and control assets remains the biggest barrier to protecting industrial facilities and mitigating cyber-physical threats. 

Visibility into changes made to industrial controllers is crucial for preventing unwanted disruptions. Without full visibility into these activities, security teams abstract limited value from their security efforts. Sid Snitkin.png

Watch this webinar, featuring ARC Advisory Group Vice President Dr. Sid Snitkin, who discusses the threats to ICS networks and the crucial need for visibility for securing these complex environments. 

Following this, Indegy Industrial Security Director Chris Grove shares a case study of an industrial facility that’s come under cyber-attack that impacted mission-critical equipment.

Watch this industrial cyber security webinar if you're interested in learning how to:

    • Examine ICS network traffic for signs of an attack
    •  Gain in-depth visibility into control-plane activities 
    • Identify cyber attacks and cyber physical threats to ICS 
    • Protect industrial facilities and mitigate cyber threats